Leanne Pedante

Creator: Please Leave By 9 Dance Parties

Please Leave By 9 is a series of dance parties I created for people (like me) who want a raging night of dancing fun that starts and ends early. All are welcome - i.e., anyone 21+ who wishes to dance in a judgement-free, friendly, no-sleeze zone. Come alone, come with friends, or come alone and make new friends.

Does it really end by 9? yes, you literally have to leave by 8:59pm. that's part of the fun! party starts at 7pm SHARP.

What it IS: a house party with friends you haven't met yet. a small, dark room filled with loud dance music and bodies who want a fun, safe place to get sweaty, dance around, and be home (or onto your next event, if you're a party animal) by 9pm.

What it's NOT: PLB9 is not a place to get wasted, PLB9 is not a quiet place for intimate chats, PLB9 is not a place to grope, touch, or grind on others without consent. Basic rules of "don't be a jerk" apply to all.