Trade School Los Angeles logos, designed by Leanne Pedante 

I founded Trade School LA in the spring of 2014. Trade School is a volunteer-run, open-to-everyone "school" that runs on barter instead of money. Within our first year, over 600 students attended trade school classes - all without the use of money. There are dozens of Trade Schools in cities throughout the world. 

How Trade School works:

Step 1) Classes at Trade School LA are taught in exchange for barter items provided by students. For example, if you teach a class about building a website, you might ask students to bring 1 of the following barter items: a pack guitar strings; a paperback novel; a bag of local fruit; help with finding an apartment. Every class's barter will be different, as each instructor sets their own class's exchange. 

Step 2) Students sign up for classes on our website, and, by signing up, they agree to bring 1 of the barter items requested by the instructor.

Step 3)  On the day of class, the teachers & students meet in a space that is made available by Trade School LA. Students give their barter item to the teacher, and the class begins! 

Trade School is a place to learn with other people who value practical wisdom, mutual aid, and the social nature of exchange. We believe that everyone has something to offer.

How did Trade School make it to Los Angeles?

Trade School LA was started in May 2014 by Leanne Pedante, a graphic designer, fitness trainer and community organizer who lives in Highland Park. The organization is powered by a small but mighty crew of volunteers & community partners. It's with a strong belief that communities throughout LA can benefit from this project that we dedicate our time and energy to this project. We can ALWAYS use more volunteers - if you'd like to get involved in the organization, please send us an email!