Art Assignment logo, designed by Leanne Pedante

Art Assignment logo, designed by Leanne Pedante

After starting Fun-A-Day Delaware, I wanted to continue to give people a reason to continuously make art. Thus, I started the open-access, online art project called Art Assignment, which posted weekly opportunities for people to make and share art online. 

What Is Art Assignment?

Art Assignment is an online art project open to everyone. The goal is to provide artists incentive and momentum to create some art every week, while cultivating an encouraging community.

Each week, a new Theme Word is selected and participants are invited to use that word as a jumping-off point to make/do/say/compose something and share it here on the site.

Absolutely anyone is invited to take part and you can start or stop at any time. Please help spread Art Assignment and help perpetuate continuous creation. ***To download an instruction sheet to submit your artwork, click HERE***

How Art Assignment Works

1. Each Monday a new word is selected from the Art Assignment Theme Word  lottery to be that week’s subject word. The word is posted on the site and on the Art Assignment Facebook page and emailed to the art assignment listserv.

2. During the week that follows you create a piece of art (whatever you want – honestly!) using that week’s word as a focus, inspiration, catalyst. You have fun and feel super creative and proud of yourself. Your life is remarkably better.

3. Before the following Monday you submit your creation here.